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Nice to meet you

Renate Potter

My name is Renate Potter and I'm an illustrator from the Netherlands.

I had a lot of different jobs before I decided to chase my dream to become an illustrator. Most of those jobs were involved in education. I'm a sucker for Ancient History and in my childhood I always wanted to be an archaeologist, but I wasn't that good in science so I gave up on that dream.

I always loved fantasy stories like fairytales, folktales and the like. I could watch Disney movies (or Gibli movies or any other decent animation studio) for hours and painted on all the walls of my bedroom that weren't occupied by books or furniture. 

I used to make my own (very cheesy) comics and doodled a lot!

At the moment I love to create images that are appealing to both grown ups and children. Works that can put a smile on your face and let your imagination kick in. Pictures that can translate feelings, emotions and memories. My heart is with the child in everyone of us and I hope to do it justice. 

Enjoy my work and contact me if you want to work with me or ask me questions that are work related. 

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