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Bibliotheek boekenplanken


Since I've started my fulltime illustration career in June 2020 I worked on a variety of books. You can see them down below. Click on the cover if you want to see more of the book.

I hope you enjoy the books as much as I enjoyed making them!


Sally Ann McFidgetbottom

The first picture book I've illustrated is about a girl who can't sit still. She gets in trouble at school, but thankfully the principal has a great sollution!



Rekenmysteries deel 1:
De Noorse schat

Master Olof loves to count coins everyday, but when captain Krieg discovers a mysterious chest with a riddle on it, he, Olaf and his young assistant Astra are going on an adventure! Will they find the treasures of king Gorm the Cleverone?

IMG_1405 - kopie_edited.jpg

Pete's first playdate

The second book that's been published by Clavis is about a boy who realy wants to go on a playdate, but nobody seems to be interested. Untill his new neighbours arrive...



 Tribeca is a cat with only three legs. She wants to stay with her fosterparent forever, but then a CATastrophy happens...

Available later in 2022


Maarten Muis

Henk van der Pol's story, written in rhyme, is about a little mouse called Maarten. He is about to move from the city to the countryside. Will that work out for him and his family?

Kaft Rekenmysteries deel 2 Midden in de widernis.png

Rekenmysteries deel 2:
Midden in de wildernis

Django goes on a climbing expedition for children in France. But one of the children gets hurt and they need to go back to the campsite as soon as possible. Django and two other kids get lost in the woods. Will you help them survive in the wilderness? 

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